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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Canada – Is It THC Free?

The CBD market in Canada has grown to include all sorts of products, and among the most popular are the “THC free” CBD oils. But are Broad Spectrum CBD oils really completely free of THC?

In this article, we’ll explore the methods used to extract the THC from the final product, the different types of Broad Spectrum oil available, and where to buy the best Broad Spectrum CBD oil Canada.

While the most benefits come from using a Full Spectrum CBD oil, there are many reasons why someone may want to use one that is THC free:

  • Sensitivity to THC
  • Drug testing
  • Beginners who are wary of any THC consumption

The THC amounts in Full Spectrum CBD are very low and comes with no chance of feeling any psychoactive effects. Some people are still apprehensive when they hear that it has any, however, and like to start out completely risk-free.

Full Spectrum CBD oil contains everything beneficial in the hemp plant, which is where CBD comes from in the first place. All cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, and of course, traces of THC.

Broad Spectrum CBD contains the majority of these as well but has been specifically engineered to take the THC out.

CBD Isolate is another form and has been refined and processed to produce 99.9% pure CBD, with no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or plant matter.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Canada – How Do They Take The THC Out?

The process to remove the THC from the CBD oil in the first place isn’t an overly complicated one, but it can damage some of the terpenes and cannabinoids while it’s happening. Broad Spectrum oil generally contains a good range and comes close, but it’s no match for Full Spectrum.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil begins its journey as a Full Spectrum oil and then undergoes either one of two processes to remove the THC.


The first process, called chromatography, is a technique that is used in the cannabis industry to separate mixtures. The mixture in this case is the Full Spectrum hemp extract.

This process uses two phases – the mobile phase and the stationary phase. The hemp extract is dissolved in a liquid and is called the mobile phase. It is then passed through another liquid, called the stationary phase.

The components of the extract in the mobile phase pass through the stationary phase at different speeds, allowing for the isolation of individual cannabinoids. This method is extremely effective at removing the THC from the Full Spectrum extract and is considered the superior choice when making Broad Spectrum CBD oil.


Distillation is the second method used to separate THC from the hemp extract. It involves taking the extract and heating it to precise temperatures to remove certain cannabinoids. Cannabinoids boil at different temperatures, and this is how they can be removed from an extract.

When heated to boiling at their individual temps, the cannabinoids vaporize and are able to be separated out of the mixture.

  • THC – 157°C
  • CBD – 160-180°C
  • CBN – 185°C
  • CBC – 220°C
  • Delta8-THC – 175-178°C

The most common form of distillation is called “short path distillation”, due to the short path the vapor has to travel before it condenses and is able to be collected.

This method, while being one of the most popular forms of THC extraction, isn’t without its criticisms. At the temperatures necessary to heat the extract to remove the THC, it also ends up damaging and destroying other cannabinoids and terpenes, rendering it less effective than Broad Spectrum CBD oils that use the chromatography method.

Which brings us to our next subject – the Entourage Effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil & The Entourage Effect

We talked about the Entourage Effect in a previous article about Full Spectrum CBD oils. The Entourage Effect is a term used to describe the magnifying effects of the hemp plant when all parts of it are used together.

These different cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, and other parts work in harmony with one another, and in some cases, boost their effects just by being used in conjunction with one another. Removing certain parts, like the THC, lessens the effects and diminishes the benefits you may receive from it.

That’s not to say that you won’t experience any benefits. You will still experience the Entourage Effect with Broad Spectrum CBD oil, as many other cannabinoids and terpenes still remain to work their magic. It just won’t be as effective as Full Spectrum.

Best Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Canada

BuyMellow Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

buymellow broad spectrum cbd oil
  • Broad Spectrum, THC free
  • 600-2400mg of CBD
  • Buy more, save more
  • Wholesale available

The Broad Spectrum CBD lineup from BuyMellow is impressive, and includes several options for THC free CBD oil in Canada.

Their Broad Spectrum CBD oil comes in either 600mg or 1200mg of CBD per bottle, and is formulated with MCT and organic hemp seed oil as the carrier oil.

This CO2 extracted oil is made from organically grown, non-GMO hemp using the latest nano-extracting technologies, and is fully lab tested by a third party before making its way to you.

BuyMellow also manufactures a line of CBD oils that contain both Broad Spectrum and CBD Isolate, giving you all the benefits of Broad Spectrum, plus a boost of pure CBD Isolate. These oils are available up to 2400mg, and formulated with just MCT as the carrier, and have a light peppermint flavor to them.

BuyMellow’s CBD oils, be it Full or Broad Spectrum, are available for wholesale. Their buy more, save more option saves you more money with the more you buy, up to 25% off.

buy more, save more from buymellow

Is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil THC Free?

You may have noticed that many companies claim that their Broad Spectrum CBD oils are 100% THC free, and this is in fact false advertising.

While the processes used to remove the THC from an extract are highly effective, it is nearly impossible to remove 100% of the THC. It does, however, remove it to the point that it is not detectable on a drug test.

Most companies get very close to that mark, and this is why it is so important to look at the COA (certificate of analysis) of every CBD product that you are considering, especially if drug testing is a concern for you.

The COA should always be completed by a third party lab, with no affiliation to the company itself, for the most accurate results. This report should include the cannabinoid content, terpenes, and any toxins, pesticides, or heavy metals found within.

Can You Fail A Drug Test Using Broad Spectrum CBD Oil?

Standardized drug tests for marijuana are looking for one thing, and that is THC, or rather, THC metabolites. Called THC-COOH, this is what THC metabolizes into in your body after ingesting it, and can be detected weeks after you’ve actually taken any in.

THC builds up in your system over time and is stored in the body’s fat cells. Take in enough Full Spectrum CBD, and over time it might build up enough to trigger a positive, but the odds of it happening with Broad Spectrum are extremely low.

With Broad Spectrum CBD oil, the levels of THC are virtually non-existent, and non-detectable on drug tests. That being said, there have been a few reports of people failing a drug test using Broad Spectrum CBD products.

Always choose a company with thorough lab testing in this regard, as it could mean the loss of employment if you’re not careful.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Canada – Is It As Effective As Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Many people are still afraid of that small amount of THC, and despite the fact that marijuana and CBD were legalized in Canada in 2018, the stigma surrounding it still remains over two years later.

Because Broad Spectrum CBD oil has the THC extracted out of it, it lessens the benefits you may get with the Entourage Effect. Regardless, there are still tons of other cannabinoids and terpenes within, as well as the CBD itself.

It may not be quite as effective as a Full Spectrum CBD oil, but it’s still going to get the job done. We always recommend going with a Full Spectrum extract for the maximum benefits, but that’s not always possible if you are drug tested or are sensitive to any amount of THC in your system.


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