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Sublingual CBD Strips In Canada: How To Use & Where To Buy

You’re probably familiar with sublingual CBD oils; these are the oils and tinctures that you’ll see in most shops. But a new kind of CBD product is available now as well, sublingual CBD strips.

This article will go over what sublingual strips are, how to use them, and where to buy sublingual CBD strips in Canada.

The word sublingual means under the tongue. The majority of CBD oils are taken this way, as it increases the bio-availability rate. This is the rate that your body absorbs and utilizes the CBD you take.

Taking CBD sublingually allows it to absorb into the sublingual glands and blood vessels underneath the tongue, essentially bypassing the digestive system and allowing for the maximum amount of CBD to be absorbed.

Sublingual CBD applications are up to 30% bio-available when taken this way, much higher than other methods such as edibles or capsules.

What Are Sublingual CBD Strips?

Sublingual CBD strips are a new product emerging in the Canadian CBD market. They offer a precise dose of CBD in every strip and dissolve under the tongue.

This method allows for exact dosing of your CBD without the mess and hassle of using traditional CBD oils and dropper bottles.

Sublingual strips are highly convenient and discreet as well, allowing you to take them with you on the go, and look similar to a stick of gum, although they are a bit smaller than this.

Sublingual CBD strips are made up of either Full SpectrumBroad Spectrum, or CBD Isolate and are formulated with ingredients that allow them to dissolve slowly under your tongue. Many companies offer different flavors if you are averse to the natural hemp taste of CBD.

Dissolvable sublingual CBD strips are preferred for anyone not wanting to mess around with other, more visible methods of using CBD, like vaping or CBD oils.

Where To Buy Sublingual CBD
Strips In Canada

BuyMellow Sublingual CBD Strips

sublingual cbd strips in canada
  • Full Spectrum
  • 10mg of CBD per strip
  • Spearmint flavor
  • Made with nano-CBD extract
  • Buy more, save more
  • $19.99-$39.99

These sublingual CBD strips from BuyMellow come in a few different package sizes, 50-120mg of CBD, with 10mg of CBD per strip.

Their strips are formulated with nano Full Spectrum CBD and come in extreme spearmint flavor only. To use, simply pop one under your tongue and let it dissolve.

Nano sublingual CBD products have a higher bio-availability rate than other traditional CBD methods due to the CBD particles being much smaller, allowing for easier absorption into the body.

All of BuyMellow’s products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the sublingual CBD strips are eligible for their buy more, save more option, which gives big discounts if you want to buy in bulk.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sublingual CBD Strips In Canada

Do Sublingual CBD Strips Work Better Than CBD Oils?

CBD sublingual strips employ the same method as CBD oils, by administering them beneath the tongue, and the effects will be similar. CBD Strips with nano CBD will be more bio-available than regular CBD oils.

Will Sublingual CBD Strips Get Me High?

No, dissolvable CBD strips will not get you high. Full Spectrum CBD strips contain minuscule amounts of THC, which is not enough to cause any mind-altering effects, but it does contribute greatly to the Entourage Effect.

Will Using Sublingual CBD Strips Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

Any CBD product that is Full Spectrum, including CBD strips, has a chance that it will trigger a positive on a test. If drug testing is a concern, go with a Broad Spectrum or CBD Isolate product, both of which have non-detectable levels of THC.

Are CBD strips legal in Canada?

Yes, they are. Canada legalized recreational cannabis and CBD in 2018.

How Do You Use Sublingual CBD Strips?

CBD strips are meant to be taken under the tongue, sublingually. Place the strip under your tongue and let it slowly dissolve before swallowing.

How Do You Dose With CBD Strips?

Starting at a low dose and slowly increasing over time is the best way to use CBD, regardless of the product. Begin by taking 5-10 mg twice a day, and increase as necessary once your body has had a chance to adapt to the CBD.


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